New Hatrider hat hanger is here order now.

The Hatrider hat hanger is in stock and available for shipping order now!

The new Hatrider is stronger and durable and we improve the design and functionality to hold all kinds of hats.

Get two Hatriders for the driver seat and passenger seat.

Get four Hatriders give it to your friends and use it on a second car and truck.

Get eight Hatriders great for a fleet of work trucks.

Retails for $40.00 each.

Summer Sale $19.99 order now.

Hatrider Customize & Order

Price: $19.99


US shipping = $6.50

International shipping = $15.00

Click “Add To Cart” and “Check Out” will take you to a secure website for payment information.

To order the Hatrider from Amazon click here.

Tell all your friends and get a Hatride for their car, truck, and suv.




Solution Hatrider allows you to hang any hats in your vehicle. When your hat is sweaty hang it on the Hatrider while you drive and cool off your head.

The Hatrider is great to have for someone who likes to wear hats and caps.

The Hatrider is great for sports fans and players who have several hats.

Fleet Trucks

4×4 Trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks

The Hatrider is great for work hats such as hard hats and it’s a good idea to have a Hatrider inside your fleet trucks.

The Hatrider is great for cowboys and the rodeo.


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